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A Study Showing the Importance of Mental Training

Being that there are a lot of upcoming races in November, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from people about their mental (and physical) preparations for race day. Yesterday, my G+ friend Jenny, who will be running her first 50 miler November 3rd, posted an amazing recording from Anna Hughes – a really bad ass ultra runner. If you have 30 minutes, please listen to this interview (I listened to it while I did yoga stretches). It gives mental training an entirely new meaning.

Perhaps one of the most interesting points of this interview was a study mentioned on Olympian athletes. The study consisted of four different grops, Group 1 focused on 100% physical training. Groupe 2 did 75% physical training and 25% mental training. The third group split the training 50/50 and the last groups did 25% physical training and 75% mental training. Guess which group improved the most… Group 4 followed by group 3. The mind is amazing…

I couldn’t find the exact study but I did find a few articles citing it. This is how Logan Christopher of Think and Grow Strong summed it up:

Because I’ve missed so much of my training, I’m taking all the encouragement I can get. Mental training is something I can work on anytime and anywhere. I’m off to do some meditation.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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