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Norseman XTreme Triathlon

Tonight I learned that there are people even crazier than those who complete an Ironman. Thanks to my G+ friend Chas, I learned there is such a thing as an XTreme triathlon.  However, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I mean if there is a sport,then there is almost always an xtreme version of it. I just thought the Ironman was the extreme version. Wrong. 

The Norseman Xtreme Triathlon began in 2003 when a few Norwegian triathletes decided they needed to do something to get more people involved in the sport in their country. In 2000, only 9 Norwegians completed a triathlon. It was a dyring sport. The first Norseman Xtreme Triathlon had a total of 21 participants but now the field has grown to 240 participants.(This past year, for their 10 year anniversary, that had a race on Saturday and Sunday. This allowed for 450 participants.) It is not your normal Ironman triathlon. The athletes begin the swim in a fjord (which is a narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs) and finish at the top of a mountain – 1,850 meters above sea level. The water temperature is on average 15.5 degree Celsius (59.9 degree Fahrenheit) while the air temperature can range from 6 to 28 degrees Celsius (43 to 82 degree Fahrenheit). The race takes place at the same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska and it’s the northern most triathlon you can complete. Brrrrr!

While I was watching the video Chas shared with me, I just kept asking myself Why?? Why would anybody in their right mind do this? Then I saw the end of the video. The why can never be explained. It can only be felt. Just watch…

Thank you Chas for my Monday motivation!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Running update: Got in a solid 6 miles today (Check it out here). My leg feels better everyday and I’m staying dedicated to my warrior yoga poses. Less than two weeks to go!!

A fjord in Oslo, Norway
Photo Source: Grant, Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Keep up the warrior poses (and I like Yoga at least once a week)… And glad you enjoyed the Norseman! I’ve been needing some motivation, and this video was shared to my stream by a great G+ guy, also – +Scott Ashmead.

    October 22, 2012

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