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Running to the Limits – Alex Vero

There are now 15 more days until race day. I have missed more than a few key workouts, but that’s okay. I’m working on my mental game now. In other words, I’m surrounding myself with lots of motivational things – videos, music, quotes, people, movies, etc. I wanted to share with you one of my sources for inspiration. It is a documentary my sister gave me this past year for my birthday called Running to the Limits.

The story is about an overweight Brit who decides that he is going to try and qualify for the Olympic Marathon Trials for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In order to do that, he needs to run a sub 2:20 marathon. He starts his journey January 1, 2006. There are people who spend most of their adult life trying to achieve a time like this but Alex Vero is going to try and accomplish this feat in 2 years. Perhaps this isn’t the most well made documentary I’ve ever seen (I think there were some funding issues), but the story is truly amazing. There is no doubt this is an incredibly difficult task for Vero and you see his pain and suffering. But the fact that he is completely dedicated, through all of the good and bad, reinforces to me that we are all capable of so much. It’s all about attitude and priorities.

Here is the trailer:


I will say that he did not reach his goal of a 2:20 marathon due to injury, but that does not take away from his incredible story. His half marathon PR is 1:13: 46 and his marathon PR is 2:57:51. He has since transitioned over into triathlons and has completed a Half Ironman. Even though he never saw that 2:20 time, he still proved that we care capable of so much more. I think Mario and I will watch the movie again Sunday morning. It’ll keep me in the marathon spirit.

On a side note, my leg is feeling a lot better and I’m pretty excited for my run tomorrow. I’ve been thinking about it all day!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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  1. I love watching the Ironman videos every time I’m needing a mental boost and looking for positive reinforcement. The recent videos from the non-Kona races have been awesome, and listening/watching to these keep me going in the early mornings!

    October 20, 2012
    • I think I’ll have to check out some of the Ironman videos then 🙂 I have a motivation channel on my YouTube account for all my favorite videos. I even listen to some while I’m driving to do my long runs. A little boost never hurts!

      October 20, 2012

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