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The Benefits of a Cold Drink on Exercise Performance

A few months ago back in August, on a very hot and humid Saturday, I was out for a long run. I don’t like to carry a lot of water or gels with me because I feel like it alters my stride. I was out on the Tobacco Trail which is an out and back with no water fountain in sight. Three miles from finishing my 19 miles, I thought I was going to fall over into the trees and start praying someone found me and carried me back to my car. I was thirsty. Then I remembered the two girls selling lemonade along the trail. If I could just make it to them, I would beg them for some lemonade (I was carrying no money) and then go back and pay them when I got to my car. Those two girls and their lemonade stand saved me. The lemonade they gave me was sooooooooo cold and so delicious. I knocked out that last mile at 7:20 and then drove back to give them $5 for the best lemonade I’d ever had. I had a new appreciation for cold lemonade after that day.

Today I found this article highlighting the effects of a cold drink on exercise. Those who drank cold water were able to delay a rise in body temperature while exercising as well perform better than those who drank room temperature water.

Core Performance:

Drinking cold water during your workout can keep your body temperature cooler for longer, decreasing heat-related stress and fatigue, according to a new study published in The Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

I’ve already planned for Mario to be standing one mile from the finish line of the marathon with a really cold GU electrolyte drink (or maybe lemonade?). If it makes me feel like it did that Saturday, I’m going to have high hopes for that last mile split.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Photo Source: John Phelan, Wikimedia Commons

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