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Conventional Runner Wisdom

I’ve recently decided that many things we believe to be conventional wisdom, really aren’t such great words of wisdom after all. Maybe that is because I can easily become persuaded and when I find something to get behind, I go all out. Heck, after a few too many PETA videos, I stuck to vegetarianism for years and even went vegan for a few months. However, that was in my younger days, and as I approach the wise old age of 30, I think I’m finally starting to figure things out. And I digress…

Two things recently have got me thinking about what we as runners believe to be conventional wisdom. First, Wheat Belly by William Davis and second, Waterlogged by Tim Noakes. I’m not here to go into a detailed review of either book but let me just say that I’m never looking at bread and water/sports drinks the same.

I decided to do a search tonight for unconventional runner wisdom. I came across an awesome blog post from an Ironman triathlete who trains on less than 12 hours a week. Oh and he can still finish in sub 9 hours. It’s a great post and well worth reading but if I could sum up his approach to training in as few words as possible, I would say the following: have a purpose with each workout, be intense, and quantity for the sake of quantity isn’t worth it. Check out Sami Inkinen’s Secret Sauce here. And in addition to being an awesome triathlete, he’s also the founder of Trulia.

I’m starting a list of the things we often think of as being conventional runner wisdom and if you have anything to add, please share!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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  1. bananas. negative splits. chocolate milk. stationary stretching. tapering. the 10% rule. yasso 800s. there you go! not sure if any of these have been scientifically proven recently, but they’re definitely popular running rules.

    October 2, 2012
    • Awesome suggestions Mary! I’ll add them to the list. Are you getting ready for your race?

      October 3, 2012

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