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Hansons Brooks Method

I had never really heard of Hansons Brooks until I started following Desiree Davila. Her performance at Boston and during the Olympic Trials quickly made her one of my new favorite athletes. Desiree was always a good runner but it seems that her greatness really came out when she started working with Hansons Brooks. Well as luck would have it, Hansons Brooks just released a book detailing their training plans and tossing some of the conventional wisdom about marathon training, right out the window. Read more

Minimally Processed Foods for Runner

I’m still not feeling so great. Actually I was doing better during the day then after dinner, I started feeling bad again. This is not fun! While looking into blog topics tonight, I was super happy when I got an email from my aunt with the best minimally processed foods for runners. I think this is some info all runners can benefit from. Thank you Aunt Carolyn! Read more


This morning I woke up and pretty much felt like death. My body was aching, my head hurt, my chest hurt, and I was so tired. Yesterday I actually slept until 9:00am which is something I never do. And today after getting back home from leaving my sub plans at work, I again slept until 9:00am then woke up, moved to the couch, and slept until 12:45pm! I can’t even recall the last time I have slept so much. I’m a typical 6 to 6 1/2 hours of sleep type of person. I think it is finally catching up with me.

Sleep is obviously important, but in particular, it is super important when you are sick. Being that this is my last week of rest before race day, I’m going to welcome the extra hours of R&R. It’ll help my body get better, (at least I hope so)! Read more

Inspiratory Muscle Training

Did you know that when you breathe, you only use a small percentage of your lung capacity? And did you also know that inspiratory muscle training, which is commonly used to treat people with asthma and COPD, is used by athletes to increase breathing power? Read more

Being Thankful

I have to admit, my run this morning wasn’t the most encouraging run I’ve ever had. Maybe it had something to do with the 100 foot climb in only .2 miles or the fact that I missed practically 1 1/2 months of training.Whatever the reason was, I found myself practicing a few of my mental tricks. In particular, the art of just being thankful that I am able to run. Read more

Adding to my Bank of Positive Images

Happy Friday evening! Only one more long run to go before race day and I am so ready for it. I see why the taper is so effective. I feel like I have so much energy inside me right now that I could go out and take on those 26.2 miles tomorrow. I must wait though.

Being that it is Friday and I’m in search of motivating things, I wanted to share this recent news article I read about Sara Baxter, a young runner from California.  Read more

Study: Exercise Helps Kids with ADHD

Maybe this is stating the obvious, but a recent study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics which found that students with ADHD performed better on tests after having a few minutes of exercise. The study divided 40 students into two different groups. Group 1 walked on the treadmilll for 20 minutes, and Group 2 read a book for the same amount of time. This was followed by a series of tests, and it was found that all students performed better after exercise. (Maybe this is why I’m so smart 🙂 )

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A Study Showing the Importance of Mental Training

Being that there are a lot of upcoming races in November, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from people about their mental (and physical) preparations for race day. Yesterday, my G+ friend Jenny, who will be running her first 50 miler November 3rd, posted an amazing recording from Anna Hughes – a really bad ass ultra runner. If you have 30 minutes, please listen to this interview (I listened to it while I did yoga stretches). It gives mental training an entirely new meaning.

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Your Brain Tells you to Stop, But…

This marathon training season started out fabulous and then hit quite a road block. I keep thinking about about the race when I did it three years ago and how much I hated it. I very clearly remember those hills, the rain, and the cold. And more importantly I remember those last 2 miles. Mario jumped in right around mile 24 to cheer me across the finish line. For some reason, I felt like I couldn’t do it anymore and started walking. Mario kept telling me that yes, I could do it but either it was the pouring rain, the 40 degrees, or my throbbing legs- I needed to walk for a minute (or two). I missed Boston Qualifying that year by 29 seconds.What if I had just kept running?

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Norseman XTreme Triathlon

Tonight I learned that there are people even crazier than those who complete an Ironman. Thanks to my G+ friend Chas, I learned there is such a thing as an XTreme triathlon.  However, I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised. I mean if there is a sport,then there is almost always an xtreme version of it. I just thought the Ironman was the extreme version. Wrong. 

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