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Running and Crossfit

If somehow you have missed the CrossFit train, you can read exactly what it is here.  I’ve never done a CrossFit class because I enjoy the quiet, alone time pounding the pavement offers me. 🙂 Whether I’m going easy, hard, in the heat, or in the rain, I seriously just love running. However I came across this articled titled “How I used CrossFit to Become a Better Runner.” Becoming a better runner is like a permanent goal of mine so I read on to see what the author had to say.

Jess Allen:

With CrossFit, new movements or intervals brought on a novel sort of discomfort. Strangely, I was hooked. I craved that uncomfortable state that tested my tolerance and limits. My body never adapted to a WOD like it had to 10 miles on the road at a steady pace. CrossFit never got easier because I had to continually push harder.

And I was seeing physical changes: more muscle definition, strength, improved flexibility. But I still loved running. There’s something peaceful about hitting autopilot for an early morning run on the open road. So I made a decision to do both.

The one thing that’s always kind of deterred me from CrossFit was the thought that I might get bulky like the people in this video. But the point that Jess makes in her article is that these exercises can be altered to fit your goals. There is a CrossFit Box literally one block away from my house. Maybe I’ll give it a try this week…

Happy Trails and Happy Running,



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  1. I think a bit of CrossFit (or any agility/”functional movement” exercises like boot camp, pilates, TRX) definitely helps you as a runner. It strengthens all those random parts of your legs, hips, and back that you need on mile 23!

    September 30, 2012

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