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First of all, happy Wednesday! Wednesday is my favorite day of the week: work hard for two days, an easy day, and then work hard for two more days followed by my favorite Saturday activity – the long run. Even my students look forward to Wednesdays because it’s our motivational day.

In other news….

I’m currently in the process of reading Wheat Belly. So far, so good and the author has quite the sense of humor (or sarcasm). He mentions quite a bit in the beginning the grain Einkorn. Einkorn, which literally stands for single grain, is one of the oldest forms of grain and apparently is much better for you than today’s modern “wheat.” Einkorn does contain gluten but it is very different from today’s gluten and it seems to not affect those with celiac disease in the same way as today’s version of wheat.

While browsing the internet today as I iced my leg (my tendon is bothering me), I found this article outlining the worst to best grains. The grain to avoid? Bleached modern common wheat. The grain that’s best for you (and gluten free)? Quinoa. You can read about the other eight here, but if you had to pick your top five, they would be (from worst to best): einkorn, oats, amaranth, brown rice, and quinoa. I do not make quinoa that often but when I do, I make this recipe.  Super delicious and full of nothing but goodness. Oh She Glows has fabulous recipes by the way.

I’m not sure I could ever follow a gluten free diet but I am enjoying learning more about it and the different types of grains. A Google+ friend of mine is going gluten free for a few weeks and I wish him the best of luck. Gluten really is in so many of the things we eat and you have to make an effort to avoid it.

And on a side note, I am asking for a bike for Christmas. My ultimate goal in life is to do an Ironman and I would like to start training in January. I think I could be really good at it but Mario is worried about me and traffic. I do tend to run out in front of cars from time to time. Does anybody have any good bike recommendations or advice? I want to go ahead and start the search process.

This video really gets me excited. Eminem and the Ironman? Awesome!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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  1. Emily Wilson #

    Hi Tracie, I’m a triathlete (though I feel silly saying it, I have definitely raced enough to have earned the name), and I am considering training for an Iron distance over the winter. I’ve done one half and will be doing my second in about 3 weeks. The only thing that stops me is the running, not sure I can ever do a marathon but I thought I’d never do a half either and I did. As far as biking and traffic, you do have to accept that it can be a dangerous activity, but if you are a responsible rider and you choose your routes so that you can avoid really busy traffic areas, you will be fine. Definitely go to your local bike shop to get fitted on your bike, even if you don’t buy one there. I have bought both of mine online, but delayed the pro fitting and paid for it. If you can afford it, and you definitely want to do an ironman, either buy a tri bike or get a road bike that is easy to adjust for tris. The geometry is way different and for an Iron distance you really want to be able to get down low in aero position. If you have any questions, I’m certainly not an expert but I’ve been racing for 5 years and I’ve done 17 tris of varying distances, so I have some practice! As always, I love your posts!

    September 26, 2012

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