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Ricardo Abad

Have you ever heard of Ricardo Abad? Yea, I hadn’t either until tonight when I somehow got distracted watching videos about running in Spanish. (My two favorite things.) I was brought to this video, which you should watch even if you don’t understand Spanish. I think you’ll be able to understand from the description and the video that this man completed 500 marathons in 500 days. A pretty amazing accomplishment. Here is the video:

I did a quick search on Señor Abad and learned that he is quite the ultrarunner. He currently holds the record for most marathons on consecutive days – 607 to be exact. After he completed 500, he attempted another 500 but once he was unable to get the financial backing, he had to abandon the project.  He reached his goal of 500 marathons just recently on February 12, 2012 and ended his 1,000 marathon effort in May. In addition to running like a mad man, he also works 8 hour shifts in a factory. Sometimes he would work in the morning and other times he would work at night. Due to his varying schedule, he would some days run two marathons in less than 12 hours. I really need to learn to be more productive with my time.

In addition to running ultras, Abad has also run just the half and full marathon. His half time is 1:19 and his full time is 2:46. I am super impressed with this guy and he reminds me of Kilian Jornet – who is also from Spain. I knew I always liked that country for a reason – awesome food, culture, and runners. Maybe Mario and I can move there for a year or so 🙂

Kilian Jornet
Photo Source: Pierre Thomas, Wikimedia Commons


Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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  1. I ran a half 4 days ago and am still recovering…!

    September 20, 2012
    • I take a month to recover 🙂 Maybe the key is to run slower? This man is amazing!!

      September 20, 2012
  2. This guy is amazing. I liked your comment “I really need to learn to be more productive with my time.” Compared to Ricardo Abad, don’t we all?!

    September 20, 2012
    • As someone put it to me earlier – some people are just wired differently. I think Mr. Abad is one of those people! And now I must go get productive 😉

      September 20, 2012

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