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I Couldn’t Resist…

In case you missed it, not only has Paul Ryan showed us how to run a stellar marathon, but he has also showed us how to maintain a really low body fat percentage. Apparently in a 2010 interview, he said he was between 6-8% body fat. Want to know who else has a body fat percentage that low?

Bill Gifford

Olympic 100-meter sprinters, that’s who. Also, world-class boxers, wrestlers, and marathoners, according to this study of elite American athletes. Top collegiate swimmers look pretty fit, right? Well, they average out at a plump 9.5 percent, at least according to another study.

If he is as fit as he says he is, that puts him right there along Tour de France cyclists.

According to Iñigo San Millan, a veteran cycling physiologist who has worked with numerous Tour de France teams, the lowest body fat he’s ever measured on a cyclist was 8.3 percent. That’s at peak fitness, racing shape.

I may drop the seconds off my marathon or half marathon time or say I can do a few more pushups than I really can. So I guess I can relate. However, I think it might be important to know if I’m going to say my body fat is 8% and so is Shalane Flanagan’s, I might want to reevaluate.

Perhaps I should really start to consider P90X ;)….

Have a FABULOUS evening everyone!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


Photo Source: U.S. Congress, Wikimedia Commons


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  1. I don’t want to junk up your blog with my personal political views, so I’ve just decided to ‘like’ your post. 😉

    September 19, 2012
    • I love it. Thanks for the like:)

      September 19, 2012
      • I forgot to mention: my best marathon finish was 2:49 @ 5.5% body fat. Can’t remember anymore though when or what race that was. I was ‘younger.’

        September 19, 2012

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