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Friday Pre Long Run Motivation

It’s Friday night and I’m spending my evening as I do most Friday nights – psyching myself up for an early morning, a long workout, a mental battle, and a few rough patches. I can remember now why I’m setting my alarm clock for 5am in the morning but by 8am, I’ll be questioning what the heck I’m doing. It always works like that and I always make it through (most of the time).

Now, more than ever in my past 11 years of running, I am realizing the all too important role the mind plays in all aspects of our lives – whether it be with athletics, work, or our personal decisions. We always have a choice and we set our own limits.

Part of my Friday evening routine, other than charging the Garmin, packing my bag, setting the coffee pot, and checking the weather, involves finding inspiration. I spend hours running alone and do not have anyone to cheer me on. Therefore, I need those mental images and positive words to get me through. Tonight, I found this video and as soon as my alarm clock goes off in the morning and I go to get my coffee, I will play this video. This is the voice that I need to hear every morning to remind me that this is the grind and this is the path that I have chosen to take…

I think this is my favorite motivational video so far 🙂 Here is to a great 22 miler in the morning!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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