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An Ode to the Tempo Run

Ok, I have to be honest  – my blog entry is going to be somewhat of a cheat. It’s 9:30pm and since waking up at 3:45 this morning (Mario had to catch a plane to CA for the Ragnar Relay), working all day, doing an 8 mile tempo run, then running 4 miles with my run club girls and dinner, I’m exhausted and my brain isn’t working too well.  I am definitely not complaining because I am happy to have had all of those opportunities today. I just can’t think of deeply about a running topic tonight. Therefore, I am going to share with  you a post I did back in March.

When I was doing my tempo run today, I had to pull out my many mind tricks. Tempo runs are hard, period. Comfortably hard for an extended period of time is kind of a long time to be uncomfortable. Anyway, it reminded me of a poem that I dedicated to the tempo run back in March. I am far from being a poet so please forgive my terrible rhyme scheme. These are just my  thoughts on this all too important workout…

An ode to the Tempo Run…

Today was my tempo run
So I thought I’d cheat a bit
With a little black coffee
For a quick kick in my step

A nice easy warm up
And I was feeling quite pumped
40 minutes at LT pace
My legs say “Let’s race!”

10 minutes in –
I ask “How much longer?”
But I know i must remember
This makes me much stronger

Oh thank you iPod
The perfect Eminem:
You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You want it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot
Do not miss your chance to blow
‘Cause opportunity comes once in a lifetime
Keep singing, stop thinking
20 minutes done, only 20 more remaining

Wait, what? 20 more remaining?
Why can’t I finish now?
But in the name of my training
For this I do vow
No more sugar
No more wine
I can do this just fine
Just help me to run,
And help me to breathe
Help my poor muscles
For I’m hearing them scream

30 minutes done, only 10 more to go
This I can finish
For that I do know
Now I must dig
For my deep inner strength
My weakness has left
And my struggle is here
So now I dig deep
I concentrate and I pray
Dear God I thank you
For allowing me to run
But please help to push through
And let this be done
For I am no Kenyan and this is no ….


My watch says it’s over
And I realize I’m alive
I did it, I finished.
To me, oh yeah a high-five

And now I cool down
I end like I began
And yes, you are correct
It’s really not the end

Then I start to wonder…
Since I did just put it under
Some dark chocolate perhaps?
Or some vino with dinner?
This tempo run I do think
Is an actual real winner

Happy Trails and Happy Running,



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  1. Tracie, I love reading your blog. Thank you for sharing even though were tired:)

    September 13, 2012
    • Thank you Becca!! I really do appreciate that 🙂 I was thinking about you the other day and wondering if you were still running marathons. Do you ever make it back out to NC?? I miss you!!! XOXO

      September 14, 2012

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