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Your Paul Ryan Adjusted Marathon Time

Wow, today has been a long day. It started at 4:45 am and I’m finally getting a chance to sit down for my blog. Because I still have quite a few things to do around the house, I’m going to keep this sweet and simple.

As I’m sure many of you have heard, Paul Ryan recently misstated his marathon time by quite a bit – like by over an hour. The only marathon he ever ran he completed in 4:01, but in a recent interview he said he ran a marathon in just under three hours. Well that’s quite a difference. Of course there are articles all over the blogosphere about this and I’m not about to add another one. I just want to share this super cool Paul Ryan Marathon Time Converter.  It takes your marathon time and then converts it to a Paul Ryan marathon time. It made me laugh 🙂  According to my Paul Ryan adjusted marathon time, I’m a 2:30 marathoner.  How fast are you?

You can check out your time here. 


Happy Trails and Happy Running,



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  1. Amy #

    That’s hilarious!

    September 10, 2012
  2. Haha! Even here in England we heard about this, and no one knows who he is! I guess this makes my best 10k time around 40minutes. 🙂

    September 11, 2012
    • Awesome job on your Paul Ryan 10K time 🙂 For the life of my I can’t figure out how someone could misstate their time by over an hour. Oh well!

      September 11, 2012
  3. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh!

    September 12, 2012

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