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Stand Up to Cancer

I was in the process of writing another blog when Matt Damon came on television. I immediately got distracted. Matt was sharing his story of how cancer has affected his life and then Michael Douglas shared his story. The Stand Up to Cancer telethon has been on for 17 minutes and it’s been an emotional 17 minutes.

I was unaware this telethon would be on tonight, but I’m glad I’m watching it. Cancer has affected me and my family as well as many other families unfortunately. My first year teaching, I had a student suffering from leukemia. I was so sad for him but his very outgoing personality, dry sense of humor, and drive to succeed inspired me. That was quite a few years ago and he’s still fighting today.

Stand Up to Cancer is a groundbreaking initiative created to accelerate innovative cancer research that will get new therapies to patients quickly and save lives now. Su2C brings together the best of the best, creates awareness and collaboration, and has created a unique fundraising platform that encourages innovation through two new types of scientific grants. You can read more about them here. 

They have a great manifesto and I think it’s definitely worth sharing:

We used to have such crazy dreams, 
The kind of dreams that brought us together, made us not mere mortals, but a movement.

We used to dream we’d get to the moon.
And we were crazy enough, fanatical enough, relentless enough, to get there.

We dreamed we’d split the atom.
Make smallpox and polio whispers from forgotten history books.
Make technology infinite, individual. 
Connect the world.

All the unbelievable and the impossible,
all the can’t do and the never will, we overwhelmed them, we overpowered them, we conquered them. 
They said no and we, well, 
We said yes. 
We stood up. 
We stood up and changed the world.

Stand up when everybody else sits down 
Stand up when it’s easier to turn away 
Stand up for everyone who can’t rise anymore

When the answer seems impossible, stand up
When the dream is right within our reach, stand up
When the powerful refuse your call, stand up

The moment is now and the time has come to stand up.
One out of every two men
One out of every three women
will face these diseases we call cancer.

Our sisters, our brothers, our fathers, our mothers,
our husbands, our wives, our children.
Our very best friends and those we’ve yet to meet.

One person every minute, one person in a moment gets lost, gets stolen, gets taken away.

We are a tapestry of lives touched and brought together by a terrorist we can actually find. 
And in the time it’s taken to read this, three more Americans have died.


This is where the end of cancer begins.

When together we become a force unmistakable.
A movement undeniable.
A light that cannot dim.

When we take our wild impossible dreams
And make them possible
Make them true

When together we rise as one
When we stand up
When we Stand Up To Cancer.

Tonight if you call to donate, you might just get to talk to Kobe Bryant, Matt Damon, Gwenyth Paltrow, or one of the many other celebrities answering the phone. Go, call now. And if you don’t get to talk to Taylor Swift, that’s okay, You can still donate online.

Have a safe and happy weekend!



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  1. TMT #

    Such a special blog tonight! Thanks for sharing!

    September 7, 2012

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