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The Spine

When I was doing Bikram Yoga every week a few years ago, one of the quotes that always stuck with me was something along the lines of If you have a healthy spine, the gods will chase you, and you will have a healthy life.  Recently, I’ve been trying to self diagnose myself.  Do I have scoliosis or no? There is definitely a small curvature in my spine and when I saw an Xray of it back in March, you could tell it curved to the left.  However, last night after talking to my mom who says I was never diagnosed as a small child with scoliosis, I decided the years of muscle imbalance are what is causing my spine to go to the left.  That means there’s still hope and I can fix it!

Now, in addition to my meditation every morning, I’m also doing some spine exercises. As I read on a blog post the other day, If it’s important, do it every single day. This is important to so I’m working on it…

The first thing I am including into my day are some alignment exercises.  Here is a link to the exercises I am doing.  I just started these so I don’t really know how it’s working yet.  However, I really think paying attention to my alignment along with continuing to strengthen my right side, will help my spine issues. The other thing I am doing are the yoga poses from the bikram class. Yes, I know you are not suppose to do these out of order from the 26 posture sequence, but I make sure I am completely warmed up before I begin. Also, I go very slow and am careful with my back. The poses that I do are the cobra, locust, full locust, and bow pose. And finally, the last thing I am doing is trying NOT to cross my legs every time I sit down.  That one is probably the hardest and I have to constantly remind myself.  Oh well, I’m sure I can change this habit soon enough.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  The weather is finally starting to cool down here in NC and it is fabulous! I’m looking forward to some fall running.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,



Locust Pose
Photo Source: Satheesan, Wikimedia Commons

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