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Scoliosis and Running

Three times in the past two months I have been asked “Do you have a mild form of scoliosis?”.  My initial thought was oh no! Can I run with scoliosis? Well, I think so…

Jim Thomas, Livestrong

According to psychotherapist Li Feng Tian in the “Musculoskeletan Consumer Review,” “One can usually participate in any type of exercises with scoliosis.” If you have scoliosis, posture and muscle changes caused by the condition may restrict your movements to some extent. In rare cases, your endurance may be affected by reduced lung capacity. But Tian says curvature of the spine won’t be worsened by exercise. And if running or jogging bothers you, back off for a few days. If it still bothers you, a muscle imbalance might have been aggravated, and it may be time to check in with a physical therapist.

I definitely favor one side over the other and often times feel I am curved a little more to the left.  Are there any other runners out there with scoliosis? How do you handle.  For me, I know I need to continue to focus on strengthening my right side. But what are my other options?

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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  1. Im 56 and was always very active, never a runner though. I was an areobic instructor. It doesn’t get better with age let’s just get that straight ( no pun intended : ) I’ve decided that I now need to look down the road 10 or more yrs, my quality of life is what it’s all about now. Some days I feel like an 90 yr old that can’t do anything and other days I can rule the world. I have an S curve with a 63 degree curve. I started with a 42 degree curve before 3 kids at 32 yrs old. I’ve known since I was 16. Never truly bothered me like I said till about 7 yrs ago. I’m waiting for my date with the surgeon some time in the next 3 months. Scary yes, but hopefully worth all the pain in recouping. Take care of it now. You are working the right muscles, but so did I. The younger you ate, the healthier you are makes a diff if having the operation. Just know you will only get more curvy.
    Hope this helps you a little.
    Love from Canada

    August 29, 2012

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