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Run to Overcome

Meb Keflezighi:

Running is like life. You start at the same place with your fellow runners.  You all finish at the same place. How you do is largely up to you. If you win, you congratulate your team and yourself. If you lose, you evaluate how to improve.  You can’t make excuses like “He didn’t pass me the ball” or “The coach didn’t put me in.”  It’s on you. That’s the beauty of the sport. 

December of 2010 my cousin Dan waited who knows how long, to get me a signed copy of Meb’s book, Run to Overcome.  I read it in a day. Meb’s story fascinated me and inspired me.  And after his amazing finish on Sunday, I am reminded of why I admire him as a human being and as an athlete.  Meb has suffered.  He has gone through very difficult times, overcome many hardships, but has continued to have that awesome smile on his face.  He is strong, hard working, genuine, and above all, an incredibly positive person. When Meb was 6 years old, his father left Eritrea and walked 225 miles to Sudan’s border in order to provide a better life for his family.  Meb possesses that same love and determination.

The book is a reminder to us all that life is what we put into it, love is selfless, and staying positive in the face of adversity will carry us to the next day.  Read the book if you get a chance. Meb is a true inspiration.

Then you should watch this Citi commercial.  Meb’s WHOO at the end makes me smile every time I see it.




Thanks to Dan for my signed copy!

Happy Trails and Happy Running !


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