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Cherry Juice

I’ve been reading about the benefits of beet juice on athletic performance for a long time.  In fact, I bought three bottles to drink the week before my last 5K.  Yes, I got a PR but the taste was just a little too much for me.  This morning I read an article about the benefits of tart cherry juice.  For some reason that just seems a little more appetizing than beet juice.

Gretchen Reynolds:

“In studies by Dr. McHugh and colleagues, tart cherry juice reduced muscle pain and weakness after bouts of intense strength training as well as after a marathon. In a similar experiment by other researchers, racers in the annual Hood to Coast 196-mile relay race in Oregon reported significantly less pain after the race if they drank tart cherry juice in the week beforehand.

The juice has notable anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities, Dr. McHugh says, although the particular components of the juice that are most active in that context are still being teased out. When he asked food scientist colleagues to analyze tart cherry juice, he said, “I was given a list of 30-plus compounds” that were likely to contribute to the drink’s benefits.”

Interesting.  I think in addition to my compression socks, tart cherry juice just might be incorporated into my post workout routine.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,



Photo Source: Cary Bass, Wikimedia Commons

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