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2XU Compression Socks

It is tax free weekend here in North Carolina.  I really dislike shopping so I will be staying far away from the stores.  However, I did stop by my favorite running store yesterday morning just after they opened.  I have been wanting compression socks for a looooong time, it’s tax free weekend, I had a coupon, and my cousin was visiting.  One store wouldn’t be too bad.

There are so many different types of compression socks from so many different companies.  I was seriously considering these calf sleeves until I was convinced otherwise.  Bobby Mack, who was the 9th place finisher at the Olympic Trials in the 10,000 meters and who also happens to work at my favorite running store, suggested the 2XU Women’s Elite Compression Sock.  With a $60 price tag, I needed a litte more convincing.

First, I want to state that the idea behind compression socks and compression clothes in general, is to help with recovery.  Compression clothes are suppose to relieve muscle soreness, stabilize the muscles, and help deliver nutrients to the muscles in order to facilitate recovery.  There really isn’t that much scientific evidence supporting these claims, but there are a lot of athletes who swear by the compression craze.  (I bet Shalane Flanagan will be wearing her compression socks for tomorrow’s race.)

The 2XU brand is actually a really popular brand of compression gear and workout clothes.  They have socks, tights, tri-suits, arm sleeves, hats, sports bras, bags, gloves… you name it, they have it.  I checked out the reviews of their many different types of compression socks and they get a lot of positive feedback.  One of the “cons” that I continued to read of their recovery socks (not the pair I bought) is the top band rolls down.  I’ve been wearing my socks for a few hours and they haven’t moved one bit.

In looking at the 2XU website, this is what these socks have to offer:

  • PWX Power Fabric- a collection ofpremium compression fabrics to deliver power, weight, and flexibility
  • Linked Toe Cage (I’m not sure what that is but I do know the socks are foot specific because of how they wrap your arch.)
  • Antibacterial
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Circular Knitting (no seams)
  • Graduated Compression, which means compression decreases from bottom to top
  • DVT Protection, which means the socks protect against deep vein thrombosis

I’m not going to say that they have improved my recovery or that they are essential to my workout.  I’ve only been wearing them since lunch.  However, I will say this about the socks… they have a great amount of compression.  They are much tighter than the socks I was borrowing from Mario, but they aren’t too tight.  They feel great on my legs and they have some fun colors.  And I don’t mind taking advice from someone who ran at the Olympic Trials.  If Bobby uses them for recovery, I bet they’re pretty good.   Yes $60 is quite a bit of money for a pair of socks, but here is the perspective I was given yesterday – it’s the difference between lululemon workout clothes and Target workout clothes.  I consider this a good investment.

Yes, I went out to lunch like this 🙂


And check out my cool “I RUN” necklace from my friend Amber

Happy Trails and Happy Running,



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