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Flipboard and the Olympics

Yesterday a friend asked me where I found a lot of my information.  At first I was a little skeptical about sharing my inside sources, but today I decided to share my go to resource. 🙂 I use Flipboard and if you have an iPad, iPhone, or an Android, you should use it too.  It’s an online social magazine that not only has articles from your favorite news sources, but also makes Facebook and Twitter much more visually appealing.  I love it.

Today I read an article from Flipboard detailing how they are making it easier to follow the Olympics.

We’ve created a dedicated section for every Olympic sport – from archery to wrestling, and everything in between.  For each sport, Flipboard provides late-breaking Olympics coverage from professional sources like BBC Sports, ESPN, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Bleacher Report, and SB Nation, as well as the very best photography and video highlights our curators can find.

They also have an awesome athletes section where you can read about practically every athlete in every sport.  This morning I read about David Rudisha, “the best Olympic track star you’ve never heard of,” and Guor Marial, a refugee who has no country to run for but who is being allowed to run independently under the Olympic flag.  And have you heard about Lolo Jones’ controversial tweet?  Or how the U.S. track and field team is demanding a change to IOC rule #40?  It’s all on Flipboard.  Check it out if you get a chance.

Flipboard Home

Add the sports you are interested in following

The Athletes section

And your favorite athletes in a beret. Lebron looks quite nice in the hat

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