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Forgive me in advance if this is TMI, but after my long run this morning, I need to address this chafing issue.  I have Bodyglide.  I use it before every long run and have it in my car just in case I need to reapply.  However, when the humidity is over 90%, the sweat just sticks to me and weighs me down.  This of course leads to some very uncomfortable chafing.  My sports bra is what gives me the most problems (and it’s a nice running one from lululemon).  After today’s run, I told Mario I looked like I had been clawed by an angry cheetah.  My back was chafed, my collarbone, under my arms – it was awful! And I won’t even repeat what I said yelled when I took a shower. Forgive me neighbors. 🙂 It’s always worse during the hot and humid summer months, but my skin can’t take this anymore.  What do I do???

Christine Luff:

To prevent chafing, wear running attire made of synthetic materials such as CoolMax that wick moisture away. Don’t wear cotton clothing because once it gets wet, it stays wet. In addition, cotton is a rough material and when it’s constantly moving against your skin, it can rub your skin raw.

Ok, I wear synthetic materials, and with this humidity, they’re soaked in about 30 minutes.  Any other suggestions?

Since chafing can be caused by loose running clothing, it’s better to wear running clothes that are snug. Some runners prefer to wear spandex bike shorts to prevent chafing between their legs.

This I can do! My cool pink Under Armour shorts will have to go away for now.  Bike shorts it is.  I don’t know what to do about the sports bra issue except to buy one of every kind and see which one works best.  I wonder if I can convince Mario this is good research and development?

I did find an article on what to do after I’ve rubbed all the wrong places.  And I also learned there is an Anti Chafe for Her by Bodyglide.  Other than the pink top and powdery scent, I’m not sure how it’s that much different than normal Bodyglide.  Always worth a try though.

Does anybody have any fabulous ideas on  how to deal with this issue?  For some reason, I feel like it happens more to me than to other athletes.  Maybe I’m crazy, but I welcome any input!!


I wonder if this guy had any chafing issues after running in fishnets?
Photo courtesy of Hojosaram, Wikimedia Commons


Happy Trails and Happy Running,




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  1. Hey Tracie! You should check out our all-natural, organic products – great for preventing/treating chafing!

    August 14, 2012

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