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Recovering From an Injury

It wasn’t that long ago that I was spending hours at the gym on the elliptical and stationary bike. I had a stressed peroneal tendon that kept me from running, and I was one unhappy person.  (Aren’t most injured runners?)  I went to a sports massage therapist and he gave me perhaps the most important piece of advice that I could have ever received.  He pointed out how much stronger my left side was versus my right side.  He also noticed how tense my right glute was.  His suggestion to me was to focus on correcting my muscle imbalance and to work out all tightness in my legs.   I have been diligent in focusing my efforts on these two areas of my body, and honestly, I’m pretty sure it has done more for me than the many hours I spent on the elliptical.

Brandon Laan:

“When you are injured you might notice that you have more time on your hands. Use it wisely. You might be surprised to notice that the last way to improve on my list is cross training. While I believe it is very important to maintain or improve upon your aerobic fitness, it is more important to find ways to ensure you do not end up on the sideline again.”

This article, “7 Ways to Improve While Injured,” does a great job of explaining what to do when you are injured, other than cross training.  Obviously something caused you to get injured.  You want to treat that cause, so you do not end up on the injured list again.  It really isn’t any fun to be on that list.

You want to be out there running like these people – NOT on the injured list!
Photo Source: Chris Brown on Wikimedia Commons, Zurich Marathon

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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