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A Run through Raleigh, NC

Today’s blog post is a little different than normal.  I mentioned on Friday that I would be writing a post for A Good Run, featuring some cool places in Raleigh, NC.  Well today is the day I get to show off my fabulous city.  Check it out here.  It was impossible to include all the people I am thankful for along the various stops.  But I do want the following people to know that I am extremely grateful to have you in my life: Mom, Dad, Toni, Mario, Heidi, my grandparents, all of my other family members, my Run Inspired. chicas, my favorite neighbors – Alysha, Geoff, Susan, Daryl, Amie, and Brian, the Diaz family, Sara, Amber, my restaurant club chicas, my students, my blogosphere friends, my Google+ friends,  and the list could go on forever.  Thank you all for keeping me motivated and  inspired.

Thank you to all the fabulous people in my life!!
And yes, I realize the letters aren’t exactly straight – I tried my best though!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


And make sure you go read the blog!!

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