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The Metronome

Well I officially completed my first ChiRunning class and man I am tired!  Not because it was physically exhausting but because it was five hours in 100+ degrees.  And I have a little sunburn to top it off.  Other than the extremely uncomfortable temperatures it was a very interesting and effective class.  I will do a later blog post about the class (running short on time today), but I wanted to write about one of the tools we used today – the metronome.

How does a metronome help with running?

According to Danny Dreyer’s blog (the founder of ChiRunning), the body thrives off of rhythm.  The rhythm of your running is your running cadence – the numbers of strides you take per minute.  Having consistency with that rhythm can be extremely beneficial to your running form.  Dreyer introduced the use of a metronome into his ChiRunning classes to help create and maintain this steady rhythm.  A metronome is a “device that produces regular, metrical ticks (beats, clicks).”  It keeps you running with a steady cadence. According to Dreyer, “when your cadence becomes a naturally sustained rhythm, it requires that you vary your stride length when you’re running at different speeds.”  Most people have a cadence of 85-90 strides per minute (or 170 – 180 steps per minute).

If you already have a metronome and want some tips to start using it, here are some easy to follow directions.  There are also quite a few metronome apps that you can check out as well.  Most of them do cost money and are more for music, but they might have some handy features for runners. This is the one we were using today during our class and it is about $20.  Personally, I think that beeping would drive me a little on the loca side, so I might just stick to songs that are about my cadence. has some great suggestions for whatever your rhythm may be.

Overall, I would say it was a successful class and I’m glad I went.  Now I can share some of my new found knowledge with my running club ladies.  I might just have to sign up for ChiRunning 2 🙂

Stay cool everyone!!

Happy Trails and Happy Running,



This is the metronome we used in class today.

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