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D1 Sports Training

A few weeks ago I heard about this pretty awesome athletic training facility coming to Raleigh, NC. D1 Training, which has been around since 2002, will be opening a facility in Raleigh at the end of the month. When I checked out their website, I was quite impressed with the intense workouts and kick ass facility. Think a smaller version of a football stadium lined with weights, machines, and cardio equipment. Or just watch this video:

I signed up to learn more about D1, and a few days later Thomas called. He explained more about D1 and invited Mario and me to try out a class the next day. (Even though the facility isn’t open, the trainers are already meeting with some motivated members to work out.) At 6:00 am the following Thursday, Mario and I worked out with Austin. Well, I found new muscles that I never knew existed and five days later, they were still sore.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workout that morning. Sprints, jumps, shuffles, burpees, squats, abs, and only a few one to one and a half minute rest breaks – that’s right up my ally. But perhaps the thing I like most about D1 is that it is a comprehensive facility, suited for the middle school football player just as much as it is for the adult working 40+ hours a week. They have classes and trainers with the sole purpose of helping you become whatever it is you want to become. A high school track star? They do that. A better quarterback? Yep. Or maybe the fittest person you’ve ever been? They do that too. Not only do you get an phenomenal workout, but you also get a nutritionist, a physical therapist, an assessment every two months that analyzes your progress, and a team of people who will help you become your best athlete. Try getting all that with just a personal trainer.

I had some questions about D1 so I sent them to Thomas and he was kind enough to take the time and answer. Here are some other things worth knowing about D1:

  • D1 in Raleigh will open July 23rd at 6330 Mt. Herman Road
  • D1 is for anybody over the age of 7 and who wants to take their fitness to the next level
  • D1 can be described as a “great atmosphere, energetic, fun, and a total body workout. We will tap into muscles you didn’t know existed!” (That is a direct quote and I can assure you this is VERY true)
  • The coaches & trainers at D1 in Raleigh include 4 former college athletes, a Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist (C.S.CS), and a certified yoga and pre natal instructor

As I mentioned earlier, D1 was started in 2002. It currently has 17 facilities across the country, and you can see them all here. Their vision is to “treat and train their clients like they are an elite athlete: planned workouts, nutrition, injury prevention, rehab, and a team environment.” Each D1 location partners with orthopedic firms and pro athletes with ties to the area. The D1 location in Raleigh is co-owned by Phillip Rivers and David Thorton, both NFL football players formerly from the Triangle. Of course I had to ask if Phillip Rivers would be making an appearance. The last time I saw him was when I had front row seats to the 2003 Gator Bowl and NC State beat Notre Dame. If he’s back in the Raleigh area, I want to be there. Well, it turns out he has already been here for a training event in May and plans on coming back with David Thorton in the future. Sweet.

I’m really excited about D1. Raleigh has so many great young athletes and adults who want to be healthier, fitter people. This place can help bring out the best athlete in everyone. And D1 is certainly not your normal gym. It’s slightly on the cooler side. I mean, elite athletes on one side of the field while I’m working out on the other – where else do you get that?

Definitely check out their website if you get a chance, and here are some pictures of other facilities throughout the country:

Photos Courtesy of Thomas Evans

Happy Trails and Happy Running,


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