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Olympic Trials – 5000m

Today I was fortunate enough to chat with the 9th place finisher of the 10000m Olympic Trials.  Bobby Mack works at the local running store where I had to pick up my race packet for tomorrow’s 5K.  We chatted about Eugene, the race, and the 5000m last night.  Unfortunately I did not get to watch the 5000m race because we were busy with run club.  However, there were two more runners with ties to Raleigh, NC and I wanted to know how they did.  For today’s blog…

Who won the 5000m in the men’s and women’s race.  How did Julia Lucas and Ryan Hill do?

The men’s 5000m played out similar to the men’s 10000m – Galen Rupp sprinting to the finish and setting a new Olympic Trials record.  The win came down to Rupp and Bernard Lagat, but in the last 100 meters, Rupp dug deep and took the lead.  He beat Lagat for the first time in the 14 times they have raced against one another.  He won with a time of 13:22:67 and Lagat followed in 13:22:82.  Third place went to Lopez Lomong, with a time of 13:24:47.  Ryan Hill, from North Carolina State University, finished 5th with a time of 13:27:49.  Perhaps the coolest things from last night’s race was the fact that the previous Olympic Trials record holder was Steve Prefontaine.  Galen Rupp broke that 40 year record.

The women’s race came down to a few hundredths of a second.  The surprise winner of the race was Julia Cully, who won with a personal best of 15:13:1.  Molly Huddle, who is the American record holder, came in second with a time of 15:14:40.  Here she is in a post race interview talking about how the race unfolded.  With 100 meters to go, Julia Lucas was in a battle for third place with Kim Conley. At the very, and I mean very end, Conley had the energy to lunge just past Lucas and earn her spot on the Olympic team.  In her post race interview, Lucas says she gave the race away, and “ran out of steam.”  You can watch her post race interview here.  Conley won third with a time of 15:19:79.  Lucas was so close behind, and crossed the finish line in 15:19:83.

Great job to all of the runners last night.  And kudos to Ryan Hill and Julia Lucas for representing NC State runners so well.  Although I don’t know either one of them, I still feel so proud. Go Wolfpack!

Now I’m off to finish my preparations for the race tomorrow – finishing off the bottle of beet juice (it has been a day long process), and drinking lots of water.  It’s going to be 104 degrees tomorrow!

Beet Juice, Carrot Juice, and Lemon – Definitely NOT delicious (but they say it makes you run faster!)

Maybe a cool glass and a bendy straw will make it a little better =)

Happy Trails and Happy Running!


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