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Margarita Activewear: A Review

I must admit, I’m always on the look out for new running gear and my tastes have slowly moved from Target to Nike to Lululemon, and unfortunately the price continues to go up.  However, in the name of not chafing, it’s all worth it to me.   Recently, I read an awesome product review of Margarita Activewear from Live Run Yoga and was quite interested in this new brand.  For one, they claim to be better than Lululemon (which is  quite a tall order)  and two, the name of the company is Margarita Activewear – sounds like my kind of company!

As luck would have it, Kellie from emailed me on Friday and asked if she sent me any Margarita Activewear item of my choice, would I review it.  By Monday afternoon, I had my new tank and by Tuesday afternoon I put it to the test.

Before going into performance, here’s a brief overview on Margarita’s style.  When I first visited their website, it was very clear they had a style all their own.  From funky colors and flower designs to polka dots and tye-dye, I wasn’t quite sure I was going to find something I would like.  However, I chose a super cute black tank with blue criss-cross straps across the back and am now considering these pants to match.  They had some other tops that were a little more revealing, but I personally would not be comfortable wearing them.




When I first opened my package on Monday, I was immediately impressed with the feel of the top.  Margarita Activewear is made from a material known as Supplex in addition to Lycra.  The Supplex gives the top a super soft and breathable feel which is definitely comparable to anything from Lululemon.

I tried out my new Margarita tank for my Tuesday speed workout.  When I tried it on, I felt like the straps were cutting into my underarms.  It felt slightly uncomfortable and it had me wondering if maybe I should have chosen a different size (or maybe if I should have stayed away from Emily’s cupcakes =P).   Once I started running, however, it didn’t bother me.  It felt great and it did everything I would expect from a good workout top.  The three main things that I really liked were:

  1. The material was soft and did a great job of wicking away sweat
  2. It had great support and everything stayed exactly where it was suppose to, no extra sports bra needed (which I absolutely loved).
  3. Even with a super supportive built in sports bra, there was never any chafing.

One problem that I’ve had with other tanks is that they will move- either slide up or twist and turn.  I was really impressed at how well this top stayed put, and yet was so breathable.  This was a big plus for me.  My main problem with the top was the way I felt the straps cut into my underarms.  If you are someone with broader shoulders, you may want to stay away from the criss cross design.  Other than that, this is a great workout top.

As far as price goes, the tank cost $63, which is on the more expensive side.  But in comparison to other high end workout gear, it’s fairly reasonable.   I checked out a few other brands and Nike can range from $50 – $64, Brooks from $38-$53, Asics from $48-$60, and a comparable tank from Lululemon is $52.  However, even they have one that costs $64.  So if you are not concerned with a extra few dollars, then the price is within reason for what you get.

When considering high end active gear, Margarita Activewear falls right in line with other top of the line athletic companies.  The price is comparable, the material is great, and the support is amazing.  The one thing that really sets Margarita Activewear apart from the other companies is their style.  If you’re interested in adding a little spunk to your workout wardrobe, then this is certainly a brand worth trying.   Their workout  clothes are stylish, comfortable, supportive, and are worth becoming a part of your running wardrobe.

Margarita 4

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  1. Amy #

    Wow. They are funky! It’s nice to see more companies focusing on more stylish athletic wear. And I agree…Margartia Activewear is a fabulous name!

    March 2, 2012
  2. Fashion forward work out clothes at an affordable price? Sign me in! I will def. check them out! Thx for reporting.

    March 3, 2012
    • Absolutely! They really have some funky stuff and I think I’ll try some of their pants next. I can appreciate a little color & style in my workout wardrobe =)

      March 4, 2012
  3. Laura #

    Never heard of this brand– thanks for the review! I love comfortable running clothes, but can be kind of cheap. However, I’ll have to add this to my wish list and let other people buy it for me. 🙂

    March 4, 2012

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