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Over the past week, I have to admit that I have become a follower of the #Linsanity movement and it has nothing to do with my deep love for NBA basketball.  In fact, sports past 9:00 pm are often times like bedtime stories – I fall asleep almost immediately.  But put on the latest Jeremy Lin highlights and I couldn’t be more excited.  I, along with millions of others, find the story of Jeremy Lin a fascinating human interest story, and as he continues to rise to stardom, we celebrate his many successes with him – almost like they’re our own.

The name Jeremy Lin has become one of the most searched terms on Google, a social media phenomenon, and a household name.  Is it because he helped lead the Knicks to a few victories?  Perhaps.  But maybe it’s because of what he represents.

First, consider this: Lin was named All-State and Northern California Division II Player of the Year along with being the only NCAA Division I men’s basketball player who ranked in the top ten in his conference for scoring, rebounding, assists, steals, blocked shots, field goal percentage, free throw percentage, and three-point shot percentage. Yet, no college recruited him and no NBA team drafted him.  After signing with the Golden State Warriors, he was placed on the on the inactive list and received little playing time.  He was waived by the Warriors in order to free up the salary cap space for another player and was a third-string point guard for the Knicks.  Well that was until a few weeks ago,  when straight off the bench, he scored 25 points to help lead the Knicks to a 99-92 victory over New Jersey. 

Jeremy Lin is a classic example of what determination and hard work can accomplish.  He didn’t have it easy, but he sure worked like hell to get it.  Instead of being satisfied with being a third-string point guard, he decided to be the star he is today.  Lin put no limitations on his abilities; therefore, there was nothing he couldn’t achieve.  Stories like this are fascinating because they demonstrate the true human potential.

I admire Jeremy Lin because he decided to discover what he was really capable of and I think that is something we can all learn from.  We get comfortable in our lives with our day to day schedules, our workouts, our diet, but it’s only our comfort zone because that is what we have chosen to be our comfort zone.  The Linderella story has encouraged me to test some new limits in my own life and also with my running.  I have speed goals and new distances I would like to attempt, but sometimes I hesitate because what if I don’t PR or don’t make the 50 mile mark?  Honestly, who cares? At least maybe along the way I’ll discover something new about myself and find out what I can really accomplish.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,

Image Source: USA Today

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  1. Great read! I couldn’t agree more about Lin. He’s the underdog who overcame limited opportunities, got his moment to shine and has risen to the occasion.

    February 17, 2012
    • Thanks Mike! He’s such an awesome person and cool guy to watch play too. His story can teach us all something… I’m a teacher so I’m thinking about getting a Jeremy Lin poster in my classroom so students can see what happens when you remove the word “can’t” from their vocabulary =)

      Have a great weekend and thanks for the comment!

      February 18, 2012
      • What a great idea! Kudos to you for trying to help kids realize that the only thing that keeps them back from achieving their dreams is their attitude. Good luck Tracie!

        February 18, 2012
  2. Great post, Tracie! My husband’s really enjoying following this craze too, and I like your analogy to running and ways we can push ourselves. Good luck on your goals!

    February 20, 2012
    • Thanks Laura! I get so excited watching him play, and I think he’s a great example of how we can all be amazing. I want to get a Jeremy Lin poster for my classroom so my students can see what happens when you change your attitude. Have a great Tuesday!

      February 21, 2012

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