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Garmin 405

This past summer I went to Mexico and made the mistake of packing my Garmin Forerunner 110 in the outside pocket of my suitcase.  Needless to say, when I returned home from the airport, it was gone. For two weeks I debated on spending the $200-$300 on another Garmin, but like a miracle, Amazon sent me a message saying the Garmin 405 was on sale for $150.  With one click shopping, the Garmin 405 was on its way to my house within 5 minutes. (Sigh of relief.)  Sure, there were mixed reviews, but this Garmin did more than my previous one and it was cheaper. I didn’t see the problem.  Maybe I should have paid attention to the reviews.

When I first got it, I opened it and started playing.  The first difference I noticed was how many more options there were than the 110.  I could set courses, have a virtual training partner, transfer workouts with the ANT agent, (which I LOVE) and easily view the history of my past workouts.  To this day, the only extras I have used are the history menu and the ANT agent.

I had read a few complaints about the Bezel and wasn’t quite sure what it even was until I received the watch.  Come to find out, the bezel is the round thing around the face of the watch that allows you to switch screens simply by sliding your fingers in a circular motion.  I keep my bezel locked because it’s too difficult to try sliding your fingers with the appropriate pressure while running.  Honestly, all I really care about is my pace per mile anyway, so it serves no purpose to me.  It’s a feature that I can keep locked, therefore, it really isn’t a big deal… until stuff starts to go wrong.

I’m currently on my second Garmin 405 and will soon be on my third.  I’m not exactly sure why it goes crazy like it does, but I’m almost 100% certain it has something to do with the bezel. About a month after I had the watch, it literally went berserk.  Beeping, blinking, off, on, you name it. Luckily the battery was almost dead so it didn’t last too long.  I’ve been on my second Garmin 405 for about three months and it was doing just fine until this past Saturday.  When I walked out into my living room at 6am and heard it beeping for no reason, I knew there was a 50/50 chance it wasn’t going to work for my run.  The moment I got the satellites to lock, it went from the “Bezel Locked” to “Bezel Unlocked” screen non-stop, and beeped every single time it switched. After a pause for some water, I couldn’t get the time to start back up (it was too busy deciding whether it was locked or unlocked), and it continued to beep every single moment of my run.  When I came home, the beeping continued and I was getting quite irritated.  There was nothing I could do, not even switch screens or start the timer.

When it’s working, the 405 is great, but the bezel opens you up to the possibility of so many malfunctions, it’s just not worth it.   If you’re a runner who relies on your Garmin (maybe a little more than you should), this is not the device for you.  You never know if its going to go a little bonkers and start beeping like its a watch with a vengeance, or if it’s going to function like it should.  Thanks Amazon, but perhaps there is a reason for that super discounted price.

Garmin, I will be contacting you about another replacement BUT I would love it if I could switch models.  I don’t want the 405 anymore.  I could care less about all of the extras and the bezel.  I want the reliability of my Forerunner 110.  It never once gave me any problems, and I’m still sad someone stole it.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,
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  1. I have had the 610 for 6 months. So far so good. Gotta start playing around with it a little more though. Good luck!

    January 9, 2012
    • Thanks! I’ll check into that one today. I’m definitely interested in some other models =)

      January 9, 2012

    Here is a good, really in depth review on the 610. I’m also considering this watch.

    January 10, 2012
    • Thanks Hank!! This is awesome!! I still haven’t gotten around to calling Garmin to see if they will give me some sort of refund because I definitely don’t want to spend even more money on a watch. I’m crossing my fingers. Do you currently have a Garmin that you use?

      January 10, 2012
      • Not at the moment. I have a basic Timex IronMan somethin’ or other.

        January 11, 2012
  3. Amy #

    Found your blog via the #runchat blog nominations!

    I have the Forerunner 110 and I’ve had some major 405 envy…glad to know I can get over that right now. And major bummer about having one get stolen out of your suitcase.

    January 10, 2012
    • Hey Amy and glad you found my blog =) I definitely miss my 110 but a lot of people have been recommending the 610 so I’m going to research that tonight. I’ll update you if I end up getting it and liking it better than the 110. Have a great night!

      January 10, 2012
  4. Amanda @runtothefinish #

    Hmm I’ve had mine like 4 years without any problems. Knocking on wood!!

    January 13, 2012
    • Lucky! Maybe mine’s just the user =P A friend of mine has one too and her’s quit working as well – we were thinking it had something to do with sweat and the bezel. Who knows… but I definitely miss having it! Running without my Garmin is hard.

      January 13, 2012

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