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Pace Per Mile – An Update (And Why I love the Running Community)

When I decided to write my first “critical” review of a website, I was a little nervous. Offering a review of a website that seeks to help the running community was uncharted territory for me, but I went for it.  Last night I posted about Pace Per Mile – what they did great and what needed a little work.  Well when I came home from an awesome run this afternoon and had a direct message from Pace Per Mile, I thought this could go one of two ways – thanks for the input or either some not so great feedback.

What did PPM have to say?  To my surprise and much excitement, they were writing to tell me they had fixed one of the kinks mentioned in the blog post. (Deep sigh of relief.)  I immediately wrote back to say thank you and that I really appreciated them listening.

The one thing they have fixed so far was my biggest issue.  Now, when you click on a link from @PacePerMile, instead of being taken to an archive of all of their news articles, you go directly to the article.  This definitely saves time and allows you to read exactly what you clicked on.  No more “control F.”   I tried the Race Calculator again and it still isn’t giving me any results for my pace per mile, but  I’m hoping this is something they are working on.  Runners love this tool because we always want to know how fast we’re going.  I’ll also be checking for some of their shows and hopefully the music will be put on pause while Kevin and Chris are talking.  Like I said previously, they have a lot of great information and great interviews that are worthy of a listen.

And on a side note, I would like to say I am thankful to belong to a community of dedicated and positive people who are always trying to grow and be better.  I think we all have the same goal in mind – to help people like us (runners and athletes), get the best information out there and to have access to the best possible tools.  Thanks Pace Per Mile for caring and being a source of information for us runners.

Happy Trails and Happy Running,
Boston Note: Training going well. Awesome easy 7.2 miler today @ 7:49 pace.
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