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Pace Per Mile – A Review

Some of the older people in my life don’t quite get the importance of Twitter and all of the possibilities it offers.  I try to explain to them that it gives you the opportunity to converse, share, and learn from others, who you may never have actually come in contact with during pre-Twitter era.  I, personally, have learned so much from my fellow runners and feel like a better athlete because of it. I mean really, where else can I follow elite athletes and learn from their day to day training tips?

Recently, Twitter introduced me to Pace per Mile – the “1st Place for Endurance Radio.”  Cool, free things to listen to while I get ready in the morning AND lots of great articles to read.  Well… I haven’t found it to be the easy access to an endless supply of information I was hoping for.

First, let me explain what Pace Per Mile does well.  They have a staff of well educated athletes who know their sport.  Kevin Leathers and Chris Nicholas get great interviews with running legends like Bart Yasso and Scott Jurek.  There is a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be uncovered on their website.  Their news section covers all things running related, and you can even find people who report on local events in your area.  I submitted an inquiry to be a reporter for North Carolina back in early December and am still waiting to hear back.  (By the way PPM, I’m still interested.)

So why am I struggling with making Pace Per Mile my “1st Place for Endurance Radio”?  The first problem I noticed immediately from clicking on their Twitter links.  They share links about energy gels, upcoming races, shoes, etc., and instead of taking me directly to the article when I click on the link, it takes me to their news page where I have to in turn search for the article.  I don’t think I should have to use “control F” to find an article I already clicked on (or so I thought).  Which brings me to my second issue – organization.  The articles in the news section are not archived or tagged in any sort of way.  This makes it very difficult for me to search specifically for running gear, nutrition, or whatever it is I want to know about.

The endurance radio part of Pace Per Mile has been quite a struggle for me as well.  I haven’t made it through all of the shows, and maybe that’s because my ears couldn’t take it.  There was music playing the entire time in the background which made it INCREDIBLY distracting.  Yes, I am a woman and can multi-task but that was pushing it.  I did notice there were some interviews with Bart Yasso, Kristin Armstrong (who I love), and Amby Burfoot, and in fast forwarding through the episodes, they were mostly sans music (phew).  I’m sure these are definitely worth a listen, and as long as the music DJ takes a break, I’ll gladly tune in.

Perhaps my biggest issue with PPM comes from the fact that so many links, including the Race Calculator link, do not work.  The name of the website is Pace Per Mile and I can not even calculate my pace per mile with their race calculator?  Maybe it is a temporary malfunction, but I did try it in three different browsers and on three different computers.  Not cool PPM.

Pace Per Mile, I want to check in with your website daily. I think you have a lot of great information, but it’s just not easy to follow.  Make the links a one step process, kill the music during the radio shows, and please fix your race calculator.  It’s a must have with a name like Pace Per Mile.

Happy Trails and Happy Running everyone!
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