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Fun and Running

Well it has actually been a great week for the sport of running, and even though I pounded out a whopping 1 mile on the pavement, I have no complaints.  Obviously this week wasn’t great for my running, but instead for the sport in general.  I would like to share two awesome running events with you from this week.  First, my girls from Girls on the Run completed their mock 5K on Thursday and second, today was the Raleigh City of Oaks Marathon.

On Thursday, 14 awesome girls and their running buddies attempted their first 3.1 mile run.  The purpose of doing this was to give the girls practice with the distance and let them know they really could complete the 5K.  Well as coaches, we did what we could to make this event as fun as possible.  We started out with a little dancing, had a real water and aid station (complete with Gatorade, orange slices, and fruit snacks), and each girl got to run through her own finish line tape and receive a medal.  It was amazing and it makes me super excited for the real event in December.  I was telling some people about this and how the girls were doing an actual 5K.  They couldn’t believe 8-12 year old girls were putting themselves through this “torture.”  And I couldn’t believe some people would actually equate 3.1 miles to torture, but nevertheless, it got me thinking.  These girls never once complain about having to run and certainly didn’t utter one word of negativity on Thursday.  They were instead super excited and ready to go.  They were clearly displaying those characteristics of a “girl on the run.”  Well after our event on Thursday, on my way back home, I concluded that the reason Girls on the Run is such an awesome program (besides all of the obvious reasons) is because we have FUN! Pink streamers, music, medals, stickers, certificates, and LOTS of excitement really go a long way with a group of 4th graders.  I saw a post on a friend’s Facebook wall last week and it read ” In ev’ry job that must be done, There is an element of fun. You find the fun… and snap!”   I think that having fun and being silly from time to time really do make things better.  Check out our fun Thursday…

Stretching with the parents

Our first finisher!

Awesome job ladies!!

The other awesome running event this week was the City of Oaks marathon.  Two years ago I ran this race in the pouring rain and 40 degree weather.  That in NO way was fun but this morning was beautiful and a great day for a race.  We woke up early to go  cheer for the runners (and in particular Alysha) as they ran down Glenwood Avenue.  Now granted, they were only 5 miles into their 13.1 miles or 26.2 miles but they all looked so happy! There were people out there with pink tutus, Waldo costumes (as in Where’s Waldo?), and even an armed forces member running in full attire (boots, backpack, etc).  Even he managed to look like he was having fun.  I’ve never been to cheer on runners in a race before but it was definitely worth waking up early on a Sunday morning.  Heat Studios was great and had some of their spin bikes outside so we could stay warm, and they were also offering coffee and bagels to the spectators. Thank you Heat Studios! Geoff cheered with his cowbell and Mario and I shouted and clapped for about 45 minutes in the cold.  A little boy cheered and shouted out people’s names as they ran by (names are printed on the bibs), and we gave more high fives than I probably have in my entire life.  It was just so cool to see that even though I’m hurt and can’t run, so many other people were out there having fun and achieving their goal of finishing the race.  They brought me joy through their running and perhaps that is the main reason why I love this sport – you don’t even have to do it for it to make a positive impact on you. Congratulations to all of the runners in today’s race! You are all amazing!

Ready to cheer on the runners

Mario trying to stay warm – Thank you HEAT!!

Alysha stopping for some water

Check out that pink tutu!

Running in boots with a backpack – Amazing!

Runners coming down Glenwood Avenue

Check out this little runner!!!

My cheering buddy

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  1. EJD #

    I am so proud of you tracie! You’re such a blessing in my life and I’m so excited that you’ve found your calling. What rewarding experiences! XOXO

    November 7, 2011
    • Thanks Em! Last week was definitely a rewarding running week – even if I wasn’t running. Those GOTR girls are always uplifting.

      November 7, 2011
  2. Great job, Ms. T! Don’t know how you do all that running and certainly don’t know how you get all those young ladies to love it like you do…you’re a true inspiration!

    November 7, 2011

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